October 18th, 19th, 20th

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This Year's Samhain Festival will be held at the beautiful Grandmother Oak Sanctuary.

The Circle of the Blue Moon and Moon Struck are proud to present our 16th annual Samhain Festival. This year's festival will be held in Owenton, KY on a secluded farm with gently rolling hills, ancient oak, cedar and hickory trees and many types of native plants. This lovely, peaceful stretch of land is the perfect place to release the old year and to look forward to the future at this magickal time of year. Leave your worries at home and join us for a time of remembrance, fellowship, fun and laughter and Real Magick! The festival grounds are primitive and a good rule of thumb is "if you think you might need it, bring it". Any musical instruments, especially drums, are welcome and encouraged. There will be a variety of workshops, psychic readings, games, and much more. Join with us as we light the Ancestor Shrine, welcome back the spirits of our dearly departed and celebrate the Turning of the Wheel of the Year. Bring a pumpkin for carving and join our Jack O-Lantern contest for the chance at a great prize. Join in the fun of Halloween Trivia game and more. Let go of the trials and worries of the Old Year to make way for the New with our popular Effigy Rite. As with any festival hosted by the Circle of the Blue Moon, Samhain is a child friendly festival so clothing is not optional.
We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Brightest Blessings
The Circle of the Blue Moon

Get to Know Grandmother Oak Sanctuary

Grandmother Oak Sanctuary is much a primitive camping site resting on 150 acres of farmland in Owenton, Kentucky. While we will provide a few accommodations for our guests, there are still quite a few things to consider. Please take a moment to look over the following to prepare yourself for a weekend with us.

You will find that most cell phones will not pick up service here. Keep this in mind when travelling so that you do not lose service and lack ability to call for directions should you need to. Merchants should also consider this if using credit card cell phone services.

Elmer Davis Lake was built in 1962. It is a 160 acre state owned fishing lake. It provides for lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery as well as great fishing. Anyone with a Kentucky fishing license is welcome to fish here. If you plan to visit the lake, please be aware that there are several rules enforced by state officials. If you plan to visit Elmer Davis while you are here, we highly suggest reading up on the rules and requirements for the lake ahead of time.

We have a very large camping area. Most of the area on the main ridge is mowed and free of rocks and debris. It is first come first serve, so you will want to come early to find the best spot. We can not reserve spots for you. Camping spots are scattered all along the long ridge top, but there are also quite a few wonderful camping spots in the wooded areas surrounding the main ridge. Unless you are a vendor or disabled and unable to be without your car, all vehicles must be parked at the designated parking area and can not be kept in the camp grounds. Those who park inside the camping area will be asked not to move their car until they leave at the end of the event. This is for safety of all camping and to prevent trenching of the ground if it rains. People who leave the camping area in their car will be asked to keep the car outside the campground with the rest from that point on unless pre-authorized by head of management for the land.

No matter how skilled you are or responsible you may be we do not allow anyone to dig fire pits on the land. However, if you have a portable fire pit, grill or stove that sits on top of the ground you are welcome to bring and use those provided you do so responsibly. Please do not leave fires burning unattended. There are 3 fire pits at Grandmother Oak Sanctuary. One is the upper circle ritual fire. Behind it is a community cooking fire which all are welcome to use for cooking. The third is the lower circle ritual fire. These main fires will be maintained and kept going through out the weekend.
Do not chop, nail into, cut or scar any of the live trees. There are many sticks and cut trees laying around that have fallen or been cut. If you are looking for a staff, wand or piece of wood to take with you, please choose from the limbs and branches already on the ground.

Barrels are provided for trash. Please use them accordingly. We recycle at Grandmother Oak Sanctuary! Separate your aluminum cans from your trash and help support us by allowing us to recycle them. Please keep your camp area tidy and pick up after each other. Please be careful about leaving food out or tossing scraps near the camp sites. There are many wild animals around including skunks, possums and raccoons who can and will invade the campsite looking for yummy morsels that have been dropped. These animals are not beyond slipping in to tents and raiding coolers and backpacks, so please make sure your items are well secured and don't leave out anything to draw in the critters.


Sometimes leaving a pet at home is not an option. They are just as much part of the family as anyone else. That is why we do allow you to bring your pets. Please be sure they are up to date on all their shots. Keep your pet on a leash or restrained at all times, please do not let them run freely. Always pick up after your pet. No one likes to step in poo. Keep your pet quiet as possible. Extremely annoying pets, like dogs that refuse to stop barking, may be asked to go home. Owners can return, but the pet may not.

A food tent will be avaailable for the Samhain Festival. The food is prepared for you and is cheap, check out the menu link for more details. You are welcome to cook your own food over the fire provided at the top of the ridge or by using a camp stove. There is 1 all night gas station/ mini-mart. THE NEAREST WALMART IS 26 MILES AWAY. So we suggest that you bring everything you might need before arriving at the campgrounds. PLEASE ALSO BE AWARE that Owen County is a dry county, which means...THERE ARE NO LOCAL LIQUOR STORES...SO again if you need it bring it with you.

There will be a security team on site. They are here to make sure that your weekend with us is safe and runs smoothly, as well as to enforce our rules here at Grandmother Oak Sanctuary. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep track of your things. Security will have a lost and found box found near registration booth. If we find anything it will be taken there. Security personnel have the authority to remove violators from the property. UNDER AGE DRINKING OR ILLEGAL DRUGS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you are having any problems please do not hesitate to contact one of the Security or Circle Members.

Local Hotel
Hi-Y Inn Owenton

1550 Highway 22 E, Owenton, KY 40359


Fun Activites

Witch Cackling Contest
Howling at the Moon Contest
The Great Broomstick Race
Halloween Trivial Pursuit Contest
Jack O' Lantern Contest- Think you have the skills to be the greatest pumpkin carver? Bring a carved pumpkin and show off those skills. The best pumpkin will recieve a great prize!
Dragon Bob and Dragon Dale Present "Once upon a Dragon Time"- Live Music, Story telling, puppet shows and fun for kids of all ages. Click Here to see a preview of the show.

Great Rituals

Ancestor Shrine/Ritual-Please bring pictures of loved ones and pets that have crossed over and give them a place of honor on the shrine. PLEASE NOTE: Make copies of these precious momentos and bring the copies to the festival. We also welcome any offerings you would like to bring to place on the shrine.

Effigy Rite-Burn away the previous year and all its troubles in this powerful and moving ritual in preperation for a joyous new year.


THE EFFIGY RITE- Presented by Lady Aire' who is a third degree member of the Circle of the Blue Moon, a Druid and a Modern American Witch of the Lakirian Tradition. She is also a cast member of the Kentucky Ren Faire. In this informative class she will explain the process and meanings behind the powerful Effigy Rite that she presents each Samhain. This Divinely inspired rite personally designed by her is based on the ancient rites of our ancestors.

SPIRITUALITY OR RELIGION- Presented by Wolvenheart who is a long standing member of the Circle of the Blue Moon. He follows a Shamanic witch path and has strong ties to the Land and Native American Beliefs. This class will be an open discussion on the spiritual beliefs and practices of others and will center on their common beginnings and common grounds. Open communication and dialog iss encouraged in this inter-active class.

SAMHAIN GUIDED MEDITATION- Presented by Lord Beladoon who is a third degree member of the Circle of the Blue Moon. He is the Head Master of the Kentucky School of Metaphysics and is an ordained Minister. He is also known as "King Robert The Bruce" at the Kentucky Ren Faire. Travel to the Ancestral plane with him as you are led in a Samhain themed guided meditation.

CREATING A WOODEN STAFF- Presented by Howerton Bradwell who is the founder of the Wiccan Federation and who has been an active Wiccan since 1992. This creative gentleman makes staffs, wands and beautiful silver jewelry.

MODERN WHEEL OF THE YEAR- Presented by Lady Lakira who is the High Priestess and founder along with Lord Hawk of the Circle of the Blue Moon. She is also the owner of Moon Struck Shoppe in Louisville. Learn about the Wheel of the Year/Sabbats and how they apply to modern pagans in America.

NOTE: This year we will be doing a raffle for early registration. The winner will recieve a $25 gift certificate to Moon Struck. So Register early for a chance to win. Another drawing will be held for everyone who registers, so make sure you're registered. After sending in the payment please click on the registration button above, highlight the whole text on the page and then right click to copy. Paste the text in an email addressed to MOONBEAMKY@AOl.com and with a subject line of Festival Registration FOR (name on the online payment). If you don't wish to pay on line, please copy the registration form and mail payment in the form of a check or money order (please no cash) and send it to the address provided on the registration form.


Adults 17 and over: $15    


PRE-REGISTRATION FEE (Sept 1st- October 1st)

Adults 17 and over: $20    


PRE-Registration Day Pass (Cut-off Date: October 1st)

Adults 17 and over: $10    


Children 11-16: $5    


Vending Fee: $25
This fee is in addition to the camping fee. All vendors must have a Vendors pass or they can not vend. Anyone caught selling without a vendor's pass will be asked to leave.    

    Children 10 and under: Free


Adults 17 and over: $25     Children 11-16: $10     Children 10 and under: Free     Day Pass for Saturday: $15